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Eco-Wise Services


  • Air Purification
    Indoor air pollution has been described by the EPA and Congress as America's #1 environmental health problem. Air pollutants can cause allergies, sick building syndrome, bacteria infections and spread viruses, to name a few.
    Air Purification
  • Attic Restoration / Insulation
    In many cases, animals and insects are drawn to an attic or crawl space because of moisture, or openings that allow them easy access. Vapor barriers, proper ventilation and new insulation restores the original conditions and eliminates odors and contamination from unwanted invaders.
    Attic Restoration / Insulation
  • Customer Education / Participation
    Critter Control's Eco-Wise pest service, like other integrated pest management services and eco-friendly programs, requires consumer interaction and provides consumer education. You are an active part of the solution.
    Customer Education / Participation
  • Habitat Modification / Exclusion
    One way of controlling and reducing the threat from insect and animal invasion is to modify the habitat by reducing moisture, and sealing cracks, crevices and openings. These are a few things that can be done to reduce pest pressure and improve the conditions of the home.
    Habitat Modification / Exclusion
  • Pest Control
    We offer a wide variety of pest management services re: eco-friendly pest management. We perform an in-depth inspection and along with comprehensive treatment methods using low risk and low impact pesticides and control approaches.
    Pest Control
  • Wildlife Services
    Wildlife damage problems that require professional animal control services are increasing throughout the United States. Though most trespassing wild animals are merely nuisance animals, they can pose a real threat to humans if animal control is not implemented. Proper pest and animal control are essential.
    Wildlife Services
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Eco-Wise Services
Eco-Wise Services