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Beetle Pest Control

There are many kinds of beetles that can infest your home or property. Various species of beetles can invade structures and cause damage to fibers, foods and wood surfaces. Eco-Wise™ Pest Control can help you get rid of beetles using our environmentally-friendly pest control and organic pest control services.

How to Get Rid of Beetles

The best beetle pest management technique to use is often dependent on the type of beetle. Whether you are looking for a beetle exterminator or a beetle pest management company to develop a safe an effective plan to prevent beetle infestations, it is important to consider the safety of your family and pets. For safe beetle control methods, call the experts at Eco-Wise™ Pest Control for environmentally safe pest control. Our experienced team of pest control professionals know how to get rid of beetles.

Beetle Removal Service

For large beetle infestations, it can be necessary to engage a professional beetle removal service. Our team has the knowledge and experience to tackle any beetle problem – big or small. Call Eco-Wise™ Pest Control today to discuss our beetle removal service.

Beetle Exterminator

Hiring a beetle exterminator doesn’t have to mean harsh and dangerous chemicals. Our beetle extermination methods are environmentally safe. Rest assured that Eco-Wise™ Pest Control has your health and wellbeing in mind. We are continually researching new effective methods for safe beetle extermination.

Beetle Pest Management

Getting rid of beetles is just the beginning. Without an effective beetle pest management program, there is a good chance the beetle problem will return. Eco-Wise™ Pest Control will work with you to assess the beetle problem and develop an effective beetle pest management program to keep beetles away.

Safe Beetle Control

We understand the need for safety in pest management. There are many home remedies to safely control beetles. Some beetle control methods are more effective than others. When the beetle control methods you have been using cease to be effective, or if you just need a little boost to completely eliminate nuisance beetles, call the experts at Eco-Wise™ Pest Control. We have safe beetle control methods that work.

Learn more about different beetle varieties by searching our list for your beetle!

Need a Beetle Exterminator?

Box Elder Bugs / Elm Leaf Beetles

Elm leaf beetles may be found during the summer months; however, both the adult box elder bug and elm leaf beetle will accumulate in large numbers inside the structure during the fall and will hibernate in wall voids or attics.

Carpet Beetles

These insects can damage many natural fibers (i.e. cotton and wool) and will also feed on any protein source (i.e. dead insects and rodents, fur, feathers, pet hair, as well as some stored products).

Merchant Grain Beetles

Merchant grain beetles are typically not found in grain products, but instead like to attack cereals, cake mixes, macaroni, cookies and chocolate.

Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost beetles have long, narrow, flat bodies that allow them to easily attack wood surfaces. They often attack hardwoods, and can be found in hardwood floors, timbers and crates, antiques and other objects made of hardwood materials.

Eco-Wise™ has the knowledge, equipment, and skills to take care of all your beetle problems and will show you how to get rid of beetles for good! Call today: 1-877-ECO-WISE

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