Eco-Wise Environmental Services by Corporate Office Critter Control

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Eco-Wise Eco-Friendly Pest Management

Eco-Friendly Pest Management

A lot has been publicized about “Green” products and services. Eco-Wise professionals provide a service that suits your needs. We use Eco-Friendly pesticides when needed, targeted against a particular pest rather than all insects. We use natural insecticides and those that offer reduced impact of the environment and reduced risk to you and your family, while providing the maximum effectiveness against those pest invaders.

Eco-Wise professionals perform in depth inspections and provide reports on the program’s success.  We monitor vulnerable sites in and around your home for pest evidence.

  • Inspection and Education
  • Modifying Habitats
  • Reduce Impact Pesticides
  • Ongoing Inspection and Monitoring
Eco-Wise Services


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Eco-Wise Services
Eco-Wise Services