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Rat & Mice Pest Control

There are many kinds of rodents that can infest your home or property. These common rats and mice can infest homes and contaminate food, as well as damage wiring or insulation. Very different in their habits, it is important to be aware of their capabilities. Eco-Wise Pest Control can help you get rid of rats and mice using our environmentally-friendly pest control and organic pest control services.

How to Get Rid of Rats, Mice & Other Rodents

The best rat and mice pest management technique to use is often dependent on the type of rodent. Whether you are looking for a rat exterminator or a mice pest management company to develop a safe an effective plan to prevent rodent infestations, it is important to consider the safety of your family and pets. For safe rat and mice control methods, call the experts at Eco-Wise Pest Control for environmentally safe pest control.

Learn more about different rat and mice varieties by searching our list for your rodent!

Deer Mice

The deer mouse makes its home outdoors in sheltered areas such as hollow tree logs or piles of debris. On the rare occasion the deer mouse comes indoors, it prefers undisturbed areas such as attics.

House Mice

The house mouse is the most common rodent pest in most parts of the world. It can breed rapidly and adapt quickly to changing conditions.

Norway Rats

Norway rats live in fields, farm lands and in structures. Rats are often found in woodpiles. Rats can gain entry to a home through a hole the size of a quarter.

Roof Rats

Roof rats get their name from their tendency to be found in the upper parts of buildings. They can also be found under, in and around structures.

Eco-Wise has the knowledge, equipment, and skills to take care of all your rodent problems and will show you how to get rid of mice and rats for good! Call today: 1-877-ECO-WISE

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