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Eco-Wise Pesticides


People have concerns about pesticide and their use. Directed applications and judicious use can eliminate many problems.

There are many pesticides that can be used for insects and other pest in and around your structure whether it is a home or a commercial establishment. Many of the pesticides used are manmade, synthesized chemicals that have a wide use against many different pests. The newer products like these are used at very low concentrations. Some newer product directly affect insects and no other animals.There are also pesticides in baits that are targeted for a particular pest, like termites and ants, cockroach and others.

There are natural pesticides, made from plant oils and naturally found products that provide excellent control and do not adversely affect the environment they are placed in.

Critter Control Eco-Wise Pest Service professionals utilized a wide variety for control methods and often will use pesticide to reduce a population quickly. We select for the most eco -friendly affective method.

Eco-Wise Services


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Eco-Wise Services
Eco-Wise Services